“Art from people to people” is an independent non-profit cultural organisation focused on contemporary art. We are a coalition of artists and cultural managers from different working areas who aim to promote arts’ social responsibility and are committed to working for positive and innovative social change through the arts.

our art space

is envisioned as a hub for community collaboration and inspiring space for makers, artists and innovators to come together. It enables community members of all backgrounds and ages to access space, equipment, professional instruction as access to ideas and opportunities to contemporary art making.

We believe that Art from People to People is a unique approach in Upper Egypt and especially in Luxor, a city enormously rich in cultural heritage but heavily lacking in access to contemporary art and culture for its residents. Our organisation, envisioned as a hub for cultural innovation and community engagement is bridging this gap and a first step in creating an open cultural space comparable with its counterparts in Cairo. We also believe that our work is an extremely important step towards the decentralisation of the cultural scene, which goes hand in hand with the creation of more equal opportunities for cilvil society members in all of Egypt.

art space